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PVCS Version Manager - Could not complete action it was cancelled by event trigger

While trying to promote or change a promotion group on the PVCS VM , I get this error message "could not complete action it was canceled by event trigger". Any advice on how to fix the issue ?

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    You get this error when a pre (before) event trigger is defined, and that trigger returns a non-zero exit code. That is the mechanism triggers use to signal some customer-defined condition had not met, and Version Manager is expected to cancel the operation.

    Based on the error you appear to have a Before Promote Event Trigger. You can use Admin | Configure Project from the Version Manager Desktop Client GUI to identify what that trigger is by going to the Event Triggers tab:

    Find out why that trigger is returning a non-zero exit code, and fix the trigger if this is not the value it should have returned.

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    - Richard.