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PVCS license error

While logging into serena version manager application, error getting as " Could not connect to the specified license server. Verify  that this information is correct"

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    Please check the following KB doc on accessing SLM through a firewall:

    Make sure that whatever ports you picked are accessible through the firewall.

    Also check the SLM. log / SerenaLicenseServer.log file on your License Server to make sure the server is actually running correctly:

    If you see the error "Invalid hostid on SERVER line" then the server was migrated and you need to delete your serena.lic file and rehost all license(s) to create a new one (or move back to the old machine).

    If you see the error "Invalid license key (inconsistent authentication code)" then that license key originated from as different license server instance and should removed from the serena.lic file, to be replaced with a rehosted license.

    KB doc on rehosting licenses:

    Kind regards,

    - Richard.

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