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How to start from scratch with same file name?


I’m very new to PVCS and have got myself into a pickle with versions/branches.

I was attempting to update a documentand attempted to check out the file and edit. I THINK I managed to check it out but when I went to edit it in the folder location, it would not auto save and whenever I attempted to save it would try and create a new file. I then struggled to check it back in. I attempted to edit the previous version away from pvcs then copy it into the same location as where the file was checked out so that it would replace it but it has caused some issues.

Anyway, I’m now in a situation where I have two branches: one with two new versions and a newer branch with later version number but older content. No idea how to proceed at this point. Any ideas what I could do to solve this? 

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    Hi Kirsty,

    Starting from scratch is a bit involved, as it requires deleting the archive from both the project database and the repository back-end . It is easier to delete the individual revisions in the archive until it is empty, then check your code in as revision 1.0. You can delete revisions from the Revisions pane.

    If most of the archive's revisions are good and it's just (having) the branch that bothers you, consider deleting all revisions on the branch, which will make it disappear.

    If you really want to start from scratch, use the instructions from KB doc S121204.

    Please let us know if this solved the issue. Thanks in advance.

    With kind regards,

    - Richard.