Resurrecting old PVCS -arc files


I have a very old set of -arc files that I need to resurrect.

I no longer use PVCS for source control, so there is no server or anything to connect to.

Would a stand alone installation of PVCS Version Manager still be able to import these files to return them to something usable?


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    Hi Steven,

    A stand-alone installation of PVCS Version Manager would indeed be able to extract contents out these old archives. If you only need to process a few files you could potentially do that with the CLI "get" command, which can extract revisions from individual -arc files.

    For anything recursive it would be beneficial to open the Project Database the archives are part of. Depending on the fully qualified paths that were used in that Project Database, you may have to spin up a PVCS Version Manager File Server to make those old locations valid again. (See page 23 and onward in files attached to KB doc

    Using the File Server is also required to access split archives. The File Server is a component of PVCS VM, and even though it is a server component that could still be part of a standalone installation.

    With kind regards,

    - Richard.