Idea ID: 2848290

Display the time and date of the users last successful logon.

Status: Waiting for Votes

Note that this entry only focuses on PVCS Version Manager. (Please submit separate entries for Dimensions CM and SBM in their respective idea exchanges, if this was not already done.)

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Suggesting that Dimensions CM, PVCS Version Manager, and SBM  display the date and time of the users last successful logon.  

  • Hello Richard,

    I think it would be reasonable.  Let me bring it to my teams attention.  I will forward this email and get back to you today or tomorrow.  


    Thank you accepting this change.

  • For PVCS VM this would be doable for the following interfaces, as all of them operate on a project database (PDB), which is the highest level container that exists in PVCS VM:

    • Desktop Client GUI (a.k.a. the "fat client")
    • VM I-Net Web Client
    • PCLI (Project Command Line Interface)
    • RIDE integrations (Visual Studio, Eclipse)
    • SCC-IDE integrations (e.g. PowerBuilder)

    For legacy command-line (CLI) this would be nearly impossible to do, as these operations work on individual archives as opposed to project database, so there is no well-known-place to store this info.

    Would restricting this to a project database be reasonable?