Idea ID: 2808705

Add 30 Minute Timeout to Desktop Client

Status: New Idea

Add a timeout (I.e. 30 minute)  feature to the pvcs desktop client. Currently,  the desktop client remains active until a User logs out. If possible add a timeout if the session is inactive after a certain amount of time.  

  • Thank you for submitting this suggestion. To summarize: you would like the VM Desktop Client to log the user off, similar to the web client, after some configurable amount of time.

    As this changes the product behavior in a significant way, the setting would have to be specifically enabled by those who want to use it. Given the VM Desktop Client is a stand-alone application, how should this be configured?

    • Per project database, via Configure Project.
      Pro: works on all desktop clients without having to touch them.
      Con: requires a change to every project database.

    • As a global setting in the user's ISLV.INI file.
      Pro: works on all project databases.
      Con: need to update a file on the end-user's PC to set the timeout.

    Additional questions:

    • If using configure project to set the timeout value, how should different values among the open PDBs be handed? Use the lowest one seen?
    • Should the GUI close down or should it just log the user out of all PDBs?
    • If there is an open dialog (e.g. Configure Project, Admin | Security), should that prevent the timeout from kicking in? If the timeout has to proceed regardless, all changes that were not applied up to that point would be lost. Is that okay?

    Thanks for clarifying!

    With kind regards,

    - Richard.