User management in serena VM


I would like to check if it is possible when we login to SERENA to lock the file with a different user from the one used to login.

Example: if I login as “Marisa”, how can i lock the file under “Pooja” name since currently every action done inside serena will be registered for the same account I used to login.

This is required to start using Admin account and change the files between user names without login and logout.

Comment List
  • Hello Marisa, Actions performed in VM have to relate to the user who is logged into VM. If they were not, there would be no accurate record of who performed the actions, which plays a big role in maintaining the integrity and security of the product. If you want to lock a file as a different user you will have to become that user in VM. You could use the Switch User option for this, providing the login source you configured allows you to do so. The login source could be changed for this, possibly using complex rules (e.g. PC specific) if you want to embark on adding Boolean logic to the CFG file. Switching a user would let you perform any action as said user, though, in a way that is indistinguishable from that user logging in (down to product license they use). Can you provide a detailed use case of what you are trying to accomplish, and why it requires the locking to be performed by a user other than the one doing the work? There may be a way to avoid this problem altogether by changing your development process. Thanks in advance, - Richard.