Important Notification to existing customers of PVCS and Dimensions CM regarding expiring certificates



On 25th February, 2017, certificates that Serena|Micro Focus used to sign Java applets provided by PVCS Version Manager and Dimensions CM expire


When opening the Web client for PVCS and the Web client or Admin console for Dimensions CM, if the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) displays a certificate acceptance dialog, there will be a an additional message on that dialog indicating that the certificate is still valid but has expired, similar to:

The certificate used to identify this application has expired.



To solve this problem, users will need to do one of the following:


  • Users of Dimensions CM 12.2.2,, 14.3.1 or 14.3.2 should install the updated applet files available from KB Doc P2787.
  • Users of VM 8.5.3 should install VM 8.5.3 Patch 004. This patch is available from KB doc P2786.
  • The recommended solution for users of older VM 8.5.x releases is to first install the VM 8.5.3 patch, available from KB doc P2757, then install VM 8.5.3 Patch 004.
  • The recommended solution for users of pre-VM 8.5 releases is to first upgrade to VM 8.5.0, then install the VM 8.5.3 patch and finally install VM 8.5.3 Patch 004.
  • If circumstances prevent you from installing VM 8.5.3 Patch 004, you can use KB doc P2788 to obtain a re-signed applet for VM 8.4.6 ComboHotfix 1 through VM 8.5.2.
  • Until the patch can be installed, you can do one of the following:
    • Add the server URL to the Exception Site List in Java Control Panel (Control Panel -> Java : Security)
    • Press "I accept the risk and want to run this application".


If you have any questions, please contact technical support.


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