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link multiple child packages to a parent package


In RLC 6.2.7, in the Release Package application, on the form "Link Transition Form", widget ChildRelationalGridWidget is configurated in this way:

Relational Field: ChildPackage
Report: Packages to link as child

The relational field  ChildPackage is a single-relational field. If this configuration is changed and for Relational field is used the multi-relational field, ChildPackages, it is possible to select multiple child packages to link to a parent package, but nothing is shown on the Master State Form, tab Child Packages.

In the table TRM_RLM_TURNOVERS the information is correcly saved. The field TS_RLM_CHILD_Packages contains the right information.

It is something else that must be changed? Maybe a new report?

Any idea would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Ioana Deaconu