What are the user roles in SilkCentral Test Manager?



What are the user roles in SilkCentral Test Manager?



What are the user roles in SilkCentral Test Manager?


The concept of user roles is important when working with SilkCentral, because tasks are assigned to designated groups of people. There are four different user roles:

System Administrator

The System Administrator"s tasks include configuring the application-, Web- and chart servers, setting up and maintaining repositories and notification settings, and configuring execution servers. The configuration of locations and execution servers is also a System Administrator task in this release, since multiple domains are not yet available.

Domain Administrator

Domain Administrators are responsible for the users within their allotted domains. This includes the creation and maintenance of analyst- and project manager accounts, the configuration of projects and the uploading of files to Web servers.

The setup of execution servers and agents will be a domain administrator task in future Test Manager releases, once multiple domains become available.

Project Manager

Project Managers maintain sets of projects. In addition to project setup and management, they are responsible for assigning users to projects.


Analysts, as the name suggests, analyze the results of projects that are assigned to them. Having read-only privileges, they cannot modify project settings or schedules.

By default, two administrators (system administrator "segue" and domain administrator "admin") are available in the default installation of SilkCentral Test Manager. These accounts have all administrative privileges, so you should immediately designate new passwords for them to prevent unauthorized access.

A new user with its role can be added via the Administration/Users page. On this same page you can edit a user"s details and role by clicking the login name of the user account you wish to edit.

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