Created On:  29 September 2011


After importing Manual Test Definitions from Excel into SilkCentral Test Manager 2011, why do the generated Test Steps contain Excel Formulas rather than literal text? 

For example consider the following data in Cell E808 which was copied from another cell in Excel by entering a Formula such as =E605, or by Copying and Pasting Data from another Cell:

When viewed in Excel only the literal data is shown; but after importing the Manual Test Definitions to the Test Plan; any Cells that were populated by a Formula(or by Copying and Pasting) display this Formula rather than literal Data, as shown below: 


If you encounter this issue please contact Microfocus Technical Support and request Hotfix_02 for SilkCentral Test Manager 2011.  After installing the Hotfix (as per the instructions in the Readme.txt file) you will have to delete and then re-import the Manual Tests from your Excel Spreadsheet. Once you have done this you should find that literal values are now displayed in the Manual Test Steps:

Incident #2529191