Created On:  12 October 2011


How do you generate a report to return the value of a requirement property of type "list"?  When querying view RTM_V_ReqCustomProperties to return requirement propety information, properties of type list are not returned.  See example below:

1. I created 4 Requirements properties of different types:

- Number property.
- Date Property.
- Text property.
- List Property.

2. I added these to a requirement:

3. When using RTM_V_ReqCustomProperties to query these properties, only the number, text and date properties are returned:


To return the assigned list values for requirements you can use the SQL below:

SELECT rtn.ReqTreeNodeID_pk, rtn.PropertyName as "RequirementName", crp.PropertyName, cpo.OptionValue
FROM TM_CustomPropertyOptions cpo
INNER JOIN TM_NodeCustomPropOptions ncpo ON cpo.OptionID_pk = ncpo.OptionID_pk_fk
INNER JOIN TM_CustomRequirementProperties crp ON crp.CustomPropertyID_pk = cpo.CustomPropertyID_pk_fk
INNER JOIN TM_RequirementTreeNodes rtn ON ncpo.ReqTreeNodeID_pk_fk = rtn.ReqTreeNodeID_pk

This can be used as a basis when creating requirements reports that include list property information.