Why is there missing data in the Manual Test Definition Result Document report?



Why is there missing data in the Manual Test Definition Result Document report?


When I open the "Manual Test Definition Result Document" report from the Reports module in SilkCentral Test Manager by giving correct execution ID, the correct data is passed to most of the fields however Step Name, Step Description and Expected Result etc data fields are empty.

The reason the issue is occurring with this report is because of the use of linked test definitions. When executing such test definitions and viewing the report, the report does not find the steps to the manual test definition, because they exist just once and are children of the "real" test definition.

To resolve this issue go the Test Manager - Reports module of SCTM and select the "Manual Test Definition Result Document" report (which is in Test Plan/Manual Tests).

Manual Test Definition Result Document

Click on the edit button

SQL Edit

Paste in the SQL query shown below (also in the attached text document SQL.txt).

SELECT node.Name AS "Test Definition Name",
node.Description AS "Test Definition Description",
mtd.PlannedTime AS "Planned Time",
ms.Name AS "Step Name",
ms.Description AS "Step Descr",
sr.Result AS "Step Result Info",
tdex.TestDefID_fk AS ManualTestDefID,
ms.StepID_pk AS StepID,
mtr.UsedTime AS "Used Time",
edr.BuildName AS BuildName,
edr.VersionName AS VersionName,
ed.NodeName AS ExecDefName,
mtr.ChangedBy AS ChangedBy,
mtr.ChangedAt AS ChangedAt,
sn.StatusName AS "Step Status",
sr.ChangedBy AS "Step Changed By",
tdex.StatusName AS StatusName

FROM TM_ManualTestDefinitions mtd
INNER JOIN TM_TestPlanNodes node ON (node.NodeID_pk = mtd.TestDefID_pk_fk)
INNER JOIN TM_PlanTreePaths tp ON (node.NodeID_pk = tp.NodeID_pk_fk)
INNER JOIN TM_V_TestContainers tc ON (tc.NodeID_pk = tp.ParentNodeID_pk_fk)
INNER JOIN TM_V_TestDefExecutions tdex ON (node.NodeID_pk = tdex.TestDefID_fk)
INNER JOIN TM_ManualTestResults mtr
ON (tdex.TestDefExecID_pk_fk = mtr.TestDefExecID_pk_fk)
INNER JOIN TM_ExecDefinitionRuns edr
ON (tdex.ExecDefRunID_fk = edr.ExecDefRunID_pk_fk)
INNER JOIN TM_ExecTreeNodes ed ON (ed.NodeID_pk = edr.ExecDefID_fk)
INNER JOIN TM_ExecDefs_TestDefs edtd
ON (edtd.TestDefID_pk_fk = tdex.TestDefID_fk) AND
(edtd.ExecDefID_pk_fk = edr.ExecDefID_fk)
MAX(e.ExecutionTimestamp) AS LastExecutionTime
FROM TM_ExecDefinitionRuns edr
INNER JOIN TM_Executions e
ON (edr.ExecDefRunID_pk_fk = e.ExecutionID_pk)
WHERE (edr.ExecDefID_fk = ${execDefID|65|Execution Definition ID})
AND (ExecutionTimestamp
GROUP BY ExecDefID_fk) c
ON (c.ExecDefID_fk = edr.ExecDefID_fk) AND
(c.LastExecutionTime = tdex.ExecutionTimestamp)
LEFT JOIN TM_ManualSteps ms ON ms.ManualDefinitionID_fk =
(CASE WHEN node.CloneNodeID_fk is not NULL THEN node.CloneNodeID_fk ELSE node.NodeID_pk END)

LEFT JOIN TM_ManualTestStepResults sr
ON sr.TestDefExecID_fk = tdex.TestDefExecID_pk_fk AND ms.StepID_pk = sr.StepID_fk
LEFT JOIN TM_TestDefStatusNames sn ON (sn.StatusID_pk = sr.Status)
WHERE tc.ProjectID_fk=${$PROJECTID}
ORDER BY edtd.PositionNumber, ms.SequenceNumber

Click "Check SQL" and you should get the following confirmation message:

SQL confirmation

Click "Finish"

Now when you select this report you should get the results being displayed correctly.

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