Passing Parameters from SilkCentral Test Manager to BIRT.



Passing Parameters from SilkCentral Test Manager to BIRT.


Passing Parameters from SilkCentral Test Manager to BIRT

SilkCentral is tightly integrated with BIRT RCP Designer to make it easy for you to generate reports for your test, build, defect, and requirement data.

After downloading a copy of BIRT RCP Designer, you can customize the core SilkCentral reports and add your own reports; see the related topics and the BIRT RCP Designer online help for details.

BIRT Report Designer

Can be downloaded from SCTM (Help->Tools-> BIRT RCP Report Designer)
Extract it to some directory and just start BIRT.exe

In this example we are going to pass parameters from SilkCentral Test Manager to BIRT.

In SCTM reports we define report parameters using the following syntax:

• ... ${Internal Parameter Name|Standard Value|Text Shown in Parameters Tab} ...

In BIRT you can refer to the parameters using a report parameter

• rp_

In this example we have a parameter in the SQL called reqProp_Priority_0 so with BIRT we need to refer to this as rp_reqProp_Priority_0

To pass this parameter into the BIRT report and download the associated report template .rpt and open it in BIRT.

Right click on the "Report Parameter" and create a parameter with the syntax "rp_" as seen below.

Now we have to create a data set parameter and bind it to a report parameter. Double click the default Data Set "ReportData" to open the "Edit Data Set" dialog. Click on "Parameters" and select "New…".

Enter a parameter name, set the direction to Input and set the default value to the report parameter we created earlier enclosed in "params["parameter"]. We can also navigate to the parameter via the

Now insert the report parameter into the report and save.

Once the report is uploaded to SilkCentral Test Manager we open the report and can view the parameter value.

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