Created On:  06 March 2012


1. When running a SilkPerformer execution with SilkCentral Test Manager you can be presented with the following error in the "Messages" tab of the failed execution:


In previous instances this has been known to occur when User Access Control is enabled on the execution server machine.  Please disable UAC from the Windows Control Panel, restart the Eexecution Server machine and attempt to re-run the test.

The following similar error can also occur when running SilkPerformer executions with SCTM: "Error: Could not create the specified results directory - System: 5 - Access Denied".  This indicates that Windows has not allowed SilkPerformer to write to that directory as the user account currently logged on does not have the permissions in place to read/write in that location.  More information on this error is detailed in the following KB Article.
Incident #2538317