Silk Central Manual Mobile Testing


Silk Central 17.5 introduces the ability to execute your manual tests, directly on mobile devices. This includes physical and virtual devices.

To do this you must first configure a device provider, this is the machine that you have either the physical or virtual devices connected to. This can be found under the Administration -> Execution Environment section.

Now that we have configured our device location, we can run the manual test using the normal manual testing client. We will now see an additional icon on the test for selecting our mobile device:

When we select this option we will now be presented with a device selection window. This will display all the devices available for the tester.

On the left-hand column, you will have a list of all available platforms and applications. Using the Native App option we can pass an apk file to the device for execution to test against native apps as well as mobile browsers.

The device when selected will then be available through a screencast window on the testers browser. The tester can perform actions against the device based on the steps defined in the manual test and get instant feedback that the action works to mark the test passed or failed without having to go between the device and the application.

You also get the same rich testing experience provided by the manual testing client such as taking screenshots and reporting bugs directly to your issue tracking tool.

If you have any questions on this or would like to know more information just contact Micro Focus through SupportLine.


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