Created On:  17 February 2012


Is it possible to create a report that will return a list of Manual Test Definitions currently being executed with a status of "In Progress"?


SilkCentral will display a status of "In Progress" where the ChangedBy column in TM_ManualTestResults is not null and the status of the Test Definition is 3 (Not Executed) in the table TM_TestDefExecutions.

To return any Test Definitions that are currently being executed, we must find out if the parent execution (the Execution Definition) has a status of 7 in the TM_ExecDefinitionRuns table.

Therefore using this information we can create the following SQL query:

SELECT TM_TestDefExecutions.TestDefID_fk, TM_TestDefExecutions.TestDefName, TM_TestDefExecutions.TestDefDescription
FROM TM_ManualTestResults
INNER JOIN TM_TestDefExecutions ON TM_TestDefExecutions.TestDefExecID_pk_fk=TM_ManualTestResults.TestDefExecID_pk_fk
INNER JOIN TM_ExecDefinitionRuns ON TM_ExecDefinitionRuns.ExecDefRunID_pk_fk=TM_TestDefExecutions.ExecDefRunID_fk
WHERE TM_ManualTestResults.ChangedBy IS NOT NULL AND TM_TestDefExecutions.Status=3 AND TM_ExecDefinitionRuns.Status=7

Which when executed from SilkCentral should result in data similar to the following being returned: