Silk Central Passing parameters to a SilkTest Classic Test


This KB will demonstrate how to pass a parameter from Silk Central into SilkTest Classic automated test.

The first step is to modify the the testcase to enable the parameters in Silk Central to be accepted by the Silk Test Classic Script

This will be demonstrate this using a simple script that open a browser at a certain URL

The script below opens a browser and navigates to

To allow this to accept the parameter from Silk Central the following changes need to be make to the script

In Silk Central a parameter can be added at the test script level (child level) or at the test container level (parent level). All tests in a test container can inherit the test container parameters or use their own defined parameters

When creating or editing the SilkTest Classic test in Silk Central the parameter is referred to in the Test data. The special character '$' is used to identify the parameter. In this case $url



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