Created On:  30 October 2012


Workbench .Net Scripts can be Data Driven from SilkCentral Test Manager; but the following requirements must be met:

1. The VB.Net Script is not configured to use a Workbench defined Active Data Asset.

2. The column names in the SCTM Data Source, must match the parameter names in your Workbench script.

3. The parameters must first be passed to a Visual Test; which in turn calls the VB.Net Script and passes on the SCTM parameters; because currently it is not possible to pass parameters directly from SCTM to VB.Net Scripts.

The general process of Data Driving .Net Scripts from SCTM, is as follows:


1. Create a new .Net Script and add all required Input parameters through the Properties view:


2.    Create a new Visual Test  – this is necessary as it is currently not possible to pass parameters from SCTM directly to .Net scripts. The parameters will be passed to the Visual Test; which in turn will pass them to the Script.

In the Start Step of the Visual Test; create Input parameters with the same names as the columns in your DataSet.

Insert the .Net Script as a Step in the Visual Test:


 3. Select the Test Step which calls the .Net Script; and open the Properties view to map the Script Input Parameters to those provided by SilkCentral:
4.  Create a SilkTest Workbench Test Definition in SilkCentral to run the Visual Test.


5.   Enable the Data Driven Properties for the Test Definition:


6. Confirm that the Parameters are being read from the Data File:


6. Create an Execution Definition and assign the new Test Definition to it:


7. Run the Execution Definition to confirm that it executes successfully:

Incident #2571656