Edited On:  02 August 2018


During the creation of my Manual Test(s) in SilkCentral Test Manager, formatting was added to several fields.  When these Test(s) are exported to an Excel file, the exported file contains html tags.

It is very time consuming to have to go through the exported file to remove the html tags each time a Test is exported.  How can we clear the html tags from the Excel report?


Micro Focus Support is aware of this issue and can confirm that this is as designed. The html tags are important to the extent that if a user modifies the exported Excel file to remove the html tags and then attempts to import/update the Manual Test(s); the missing html tags will force the removal of the formatting originally applied to the fields. Therefore, we recommend that you make two copies of the exported file if you wish to remove the html tags from the exported file; one with the tags and one without for readability.

However, any changes that is to be applied to the copy must also be applied to the original export as this will be the file that will be used when updating the Manual Test(s) in SCTM to ensure that the formatting in the fields remain intact.

To remove all html tagging information from an Excel file we recommend to use the Excel Find/Replace functionality. This should save time from having to manually remove them. Please use the following steps to remove tagging from the exported Excel file:

1.  In MS Excel select the cells you would like to remove the HTML tags
2.  Browse to Home > Find & Select or press Ctrl F
3.  Select 'Replace'
4.  In ‘Find what’ enter <*>
5.  Leave the ‘Replace with’ field blank
6.  Finally click on ‘Replace All’
7.  A message will be displayed with the number of updated cells