"You don't have access to any active Project" error when trying to access any of the tabs in Silk Central


There are few possibilities for this error. Please check the following settings in Silk Central.

1. Check if the Project is active

This error will be thrown if there no active projects have been created for the logged in client in Silk Central. This can be verified by going to Projects > Project List. You will notice that there are no active Projects.

Please report this error to your Silk Central Administrator and they should be able to create the Project and activate it.

Upon activation of the Project, you will be able to access different areas of Silk Central based on your role settings.

2.Check your Group and Role settings

Click User Settings menu option under your username in the right hand side corner. Your Group/Role settings may not have the privilege to access Silk Central. Take note of your Group and Role and verify with the Administrator, the privileges assigned to this Group/Role.

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