Support NGINX | Silk Central HTTP to HTTPS URL redirect


Silk Central now makes it easier than ever to redirect your installation(s) from HTTP to HTTPS, using the NGINX configuration file.

As NGINX now directs all the traffic on the Silk Central installation if you have multiple instances configured, you only need to make the change in one file to support URL redirects for all the instances.

Once you have configured SSL using the following article, Enable SSL you will want to ensure that all users who go to the default port 19120, are redirected to your SSL url.

To do this we will modify the nginx.conf.template in your installation directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Silk\Silk Central 17.0\instanceadministration\nginxFiles\conf

This file is copied over to the install directory on restart of the Instance Administration service, and picked up on a restart of the Silk Central services.

Modify this file to look like the following:

There will now be two server configurations, one for the old HTTP port which will redirect the HTTPS port, which will be configured with your cert and key.

Once configured recycle the Instance Administration service:

This will recycle the NGINX service, and we will now want to recycle the Silk Central services in the instance administration cllient:

Once the stop and start are performed, all users will now be re-direct to the https url if they access Silk Central over port 19120.

Any issues or questions on this, please contact Micro Focus Support.


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