Created On:  20 February 2012


Why after installing SilkCentral Test Manager to change the server URL (from http://oldservername:19120/silk to http://newservername:19120/silk) does the execution email notifications at first can show the ‘old’ URL.


This URL used for email notification is stored in the SilkCentral Test Manager database rather than the SilkCentral Test Manager GUI;  the URL is stored in the SCC_Users table.  If you run the following command on the database it will return the URL stored for each user of SCTM:


This can be changed to reflect the ‘new’ URL in two ways:

1. Change the LastUsedURI data in the SCC_Users table for each row. This can be done manually or by running a query on the database.

2. Have each user log on to the new system – in other words log into the GUI on the new URL (http://newservername:19120/silk). This will update the database to reflect the new URL.

Note: the URL will have to be changed for each user setup on SCTM, either in the database by updating each row in the SCC_Users table or by having each user log on to the system through the new URL.

Incident #2555427