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Issue occurs if the following steps are used:

  1. Attributes are created within a single-selection list with elements that have no weights.
  2. The Attribute is applied to a test:
    1. Go to Tests
    2. Assign Attribute to test
    3. Value assigned is my_first_element_in_list.
  3. Then a filter is created with the criteria:
    1. "Test attribute - myAttribute > my_first_element_in_list
  4. This filter is applied to the test section

This occurs because a value should always be set for an attribute if using mathematical equations.

As a Workaround:

  1. Assign the attribute a value of "0" - This will allow for mathematical equations to be used for attribute.


  2. Upgrade to SCTM 16.0

This issue was resolved in SCTM 16.0.

SI: 2803901

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