Created On:  02 February 2011


Is it possible to create a report that includes Test Definition and Test Step information for a particular Test Container?


There is no packaged SilkCentral Test Manager report that will provide this information.  However you can use the SilkCentral Test Manager schema to create your own SQL statement that will provide the above information. 

The SQL below will return test definition and step information for a Test Container. This uses the following SilkCentral Test Manager 2010 R2 views - TM_V_TestDefinitions and TM_V_ManualSteps. It takes Test Container ID as a parameter.

Follow the steps below to create a report that will display this information:
  • Open SilkCentral Test Manager.
  • Navigate to the reports unit.
  • Right-Click on a Test Folder and select New Child Report.
  • Select Advanced Query.
  • Enter the name and description of your report
  • In Report Data Query text field enter the SQL query as shown below.


.[TestID] AS [TestDef ID],
.[TestName] AS [TestDef Name],
[ms].[Name] [TestStep Name],
[ms].[Description][TestStep Description],
[ms].[Result] [TestStep Result]
FROM [TM_V_TestDefinitions] td left outer join [TM_V_ManualSteps] ms
.[TestID] = [ms].[TestAssetNodeID_fk]
.[TestContainerID] = ${TestContainerID |0|TestContainerID}

  • Click "Check SQL" to confirm it is valid.
  • Click Finish.

To run the report:

  • Click on "Parameter" tab.
  • Click on "Edit Parameters" and enter the Test Container you wish to display and choose "ok".

  • Click on "Data" tab to display the information for that test container. You can then choose to download it in a number of formats which allow you to print all the information requested in the query.

    This SQL can be altered to contain more/less information.  See help | Database Model for more schema information.

Incident #2485878