What is the N/A status shown in Quality Goals Progress Dashboard Panel?


What is the N/A status (grey coloured bar) shown in the Quality Goal Progress dashboard panel in Silk Central?


The N/A status essentially means that there is a test that has been “Planned for Execution” but the Execution is not started yet. There is another status called “Not Executed” which is the yellow coloured bar.

How is N/A then different from Not Executed status?
The difference lies in whether the Execution Plan to which the test has been assigned has already been started. If a test has been assigned to an Execution Plan and the Execution Plan is already started, this means that the test will be executed soon, but as at this moment, it has not been executed yet. If a test has been assigned to a future Execution Plan (i.e. planned for execution but have not started yet), then it will be displayed as N/A status.

SI 2785106

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