Checking IIS is being used for SCTM


The steps below allow you to check if IIS is being used.

  1. Open the start menu
  2. Open the IIS console
  3. Go to the IIS configuration settings menu option.
  4. Go to the node "Web Sites" in the panel.
  5. Go to the "ISAPI Filters" section.
  6. Check for an ISAPI filter named "Tomcat" 
  7. If this is present, then IIS is being filtered and therefore, being used for SCTM.
  8. If this filter does not exist, IIS is not being used for the Silk Central Services.
  9. This means that Tomcat is being used.

For further help on using IIS for SCTM services, please see the attached "SCTM-IISGuide.pdf "help document below.


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