Created On:  07 February 2011


How do you deploy SCTM report in BIRT Viewer with External Tomcat?


Steps to setup and deploy SCTM report with External Tomcat:

1. Install Tomcat.
2. Download BIRT Runtime viewer “” from Extract BIRT Runtime viewer “” to a folder.
3. Copy the “WebViewerExample” from BIRT runtime viewer to the Tomcat WebApps Folder
4. Copy “scc.jar” file from “C:\Program Files\Silk\SC Test Manager 2010\lib” to the WebViewerExample/WEB-INF/lib folder (in BIRT runtime viewer)
5. Also, copy a sample “BarChart Template.rptdesign” file from SCTM to the Tomcat WebViewerExample (C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\webapps\WebViewerExample)
6. Restart the Tomcat server
7. Try to access the SCTM report by passing the required parameters to the report in either of the below ways: http://localhost:8080/WebViewerExample/frameset?__report=BarChart Template.rptdesign&currFrontendURL=http://localhost:19120&currReportFilterID=13&currSessionID=6170196795663359262&currHandlerID=reportData&reportGeneratedAt=07Feb  or
http://localhost:8080/WebViewerExample/frameset?__report=BarChart Template.rptdesign&currHandlerID=reportData and supplying the other values through the “Parameter” window that pops-up once we access the above URL.