Created On:  14 June 2012


Currently when accessing SilkCentral Test Manager you are always prompted to login.  Is it possible to be automatically logged in?


It is not possible to setup an automatic login system for SilkCentral Test Manager, however you can use a URL that will pass the login information to SilkCentral Test Manager for you. The URL needs to be in the following format:


HOSTNAME = the hostname of the SilkCentral Test Manager frontend server that you are connecting to
PORT = the post which you normally connect to SilkCentral Test Manager through
USERNAME = the username you use to login to SilkCentral Test Manager
PASSWORD = the password you use to login to SilkCentral Test Manager

If you set this URL up as bookmark in your browser then you will be automatically logged in when you access SilkCentral Test Manager.