Created On:  25-05-2010


In the reports section of SCTM you can see that your report is displayed correctly in the Report tab as shown below:

However if you then click on the icon to download the PDF version you may see that there is no data (only the header) displayed on the first page and the data begins on the 2nd page as shown below:


This issue is due to a page break setting in the BIRT report template being used. In this example the report in question uses the Manual Tests.rptdesign template and I have attached a fixed version of this template to this article.

To replace the existing template in Administration/Reports:
- Locate 'Manual Tests' entry
- Click 'Update Report Template' action

- Select the new template to upload

- Click OK and run the report. Note: you might have to press the 'Update' button when viewing the report to get the new version.

Now when you download the PDF version you will see that the data begins directly below the header.

You can also fix your own template if you wish.

- Download & unzip BIRT from Help/Tools
- Download template from Administration/Reports
- Open template in BIRT
- Find 'Table' objects and chose 'Page Break' from the Properties tab in the lower part of the screen.
- Switch Page Break Inside to 'Auto' instead of 'Avoid'