Configuring Silk Central Chart Server


To Setup the Chart Server:

  1. Go to Instance Administration page
  2. Go to Settings for your instance (Cog Icon) > Servers tab > Chart Server dropdown
  3. Take note of the port being used for this instance

4. Click Close
5. Click the “Login URL” beside this instance to go to the login page
6. Login as the “Sysadmin” user of the system to access the System Administration page
7. Go to the Infrastructure tab > Chart server section
8. Click “New Chart Server” to input your Chart Server details.
9. Enter your Hostname/IP Address of your server
10. Enter your Port number from Step 3 above

11. Click “Check” to generate a test chart, and click OK to save the details

12. The Chart Server should now be available for use in the Reporting section of Silk Central

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