Quality Goals in Silk Central


Quality Goals

Quality goals (exit criteria) are a definable set of testing metrics that the project must meet in order for the quality to be considered acceptable. Each Silk Central project can contain one or more quality goals. Silk Central uses quality goals as a primary means to implement risk based testing, allowing you to plan, to test, and to report on only the most important tests in a given testing cycle.

In Silk Central, a quality goal is comprised of the following two elements:

  • A requirement or test.
  • One of the following:

    A custom attribute or property of type List with a corresponding percentage value

    One of the following default requirement properties: Priority, Reviewed, or Risk with a corresponding percentage value. 

Quality Goal Example

As an example of a Quality Goal please see below.

In the above example dealing with Execution status there is a total of 4094 tests assigned to an execution plan.

The total tests passed is 2233

The total tests failed is 44

The total tests still to be executed is 1125.

The Not Executed status includes tests are currently assigned to a running execution plan, but no tester has finished executing the test yet or tests that are currently assigned to an execution plan and has already been finished with the status "Not executed" 

There are 692 tests in the N/A category, these are tests that are currently assigned to an execution plan that is not yet started.

From this example above there are 1697 tests ( 5791 – 4094 ) that have not been assigned to an execution plan. 

We have defined a quality goal that requires all 5791 tests passed to meet 100% of goal. In the example above we are at 39% of goal.

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