When I try to install the DotNetTfsWebServiceProxy from the command line I get an error.  "The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value. msdeploy.exe is not found on this machine when using Silk Central
Please install Web Deploy before execute the script.  please visit http://go/"


Please follow the steps below to install the Silk Central Test Manager TFS Web Service Proxy.  Please see the accompanying attachment for IIS 7 settings.  Please note the below information is taken from a Windows 7 machine running IIS 7 and Silk Central Test Manager

Please see the accompanying attachments for screenshots of each step.


a)  Install Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer 2010 from


b)  Please install the WebDeploy 1.1 tool available from 


If the WebDeploy 2.0 version is installed you will receive an error identical to the one you are currently receiving.


c)  During the installation wizard you will be asked to select an installation type, please select the complete installation.


d)  Open Control Panel, navigate to Administrator Tools -> IIS


e)  Once IIS Manager has opened, click on the 'Add Application Pools' from the Actions panel to the right of the window.


f)  Enter a name and select the .Net framework v4 form the dropdown and click 'Ok'.

g)  Set the default application pool to the .Net version 4 Application pool by using the link 'Set Application Pool defaults' link from the Actions panel to the right of the window.


h) Select .Net 4.0 from the dropdown and click ok.

i)  Close IIS Manager


j)  Open the WebDeploy tool (located under Start -> IIS 7.0 Extensions -> Web deploy Command Line)

k) Once the Web deloyment command window has opened set the command path to the location of the extracted TfsWebServiceProxy location TfsWebServiceProxy\Package folder\DotNetTfsWebServiceProxy.deploy.cmd /Y and press return key.

l)  The installation should now begin


m)  Once the installation has completed navigate to C:\InetPub\WWWRoot\DotNetWebServiceProxy\ and modify the web.config file as shown below and save the file:-

n)  Open the IIS Manager


p)  Verify that the new website exists


q) In the root folder of the virtual directory, open the Web.config file.


r) In the appSettings section of the file, modify the value of the key WorkItemTrackingCacheRoot to a local directory. For example:

  <add key="WorkItemTrackingCacheRoot" value="C:\temp" />

s) If the directory you have specified does not exist, create it.

t) Grant Everyone full rights on the specified directory.