Created On:  23 October 2010


When I attempt to create a Team Foundation Server source control integration I get a ‘100 Error: … You must accept the End User License Agreement for this product Run ‘tf eula’ to accept the End User License Agreement’.


As per the error message running the command ‘tf eula’on the server machine will accept the Team Explorer Everywhere license agreement but you will still receive the error above. SilkCentral will be running under the local system account so we will need to accept the EULA within this account. An easy way to achieve this is to do the following:
1. Download and install PSExec (
2. Run the following command to open the prompt under the local system account
Psexec.exe -i -s cmd.exe
3. As before accept the EULA in the command prompt dialog
tf eula
This will accept the EULA and allow you to proceed.
Incident #2476671