How can I give access rights for a user to only selected projects?



How can I give access rights for a user to only selected projects?


If you want particular users to only have access to selected projects and not all of them, you can do this by following the instructions below:

1. Firstly you need to create a new role in SCTM for a Project Owner from within the Administration - Users section of SCTM and the Roles tab. For example in the screenshot below I have created role "Test Group Proj Owner" and allocated all privileges to this role. Note: you should assign the privileges that you deem necessary for this role.

2. Then you should go to the Groups tab and create a separate Group for each of the projects you have and assign only one project to each of these Groups. Note that if you wish a user to have access to more than one project, you should assign multiple projects to the Group that this user will be part of. Be aware that if you assign other users to this group they will also have access to all the projects assigned to the group.

3. Next go to the Users tab and edit the users "Group and Role Assignments" to match the Project Owner role and project specific group you created.

4. Now when the user logs in they will only be able to access the projects assigned to their group. Note that in the screenshot below I am logged in as user "dave" and they only have access to the "MichaelB" project.

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