Created On:  10 February 2011


How do you data drive manual test steps in SilkCentral Test Manager?


Steps to data-drive manual test steps:

1. Navigate to “Test Plan” module in Test Manager.

2. Create a new “Manual” test type data-driven test definition.

Note: The ‘Data Set’ tab in the manual test definition will show the data from the data source.

3. Now, to data drive the test step, click on the “Steps” tab of your test definition and select a step where you want to data drive the values.

4. In the Action description text box, enter a parameter that references the relevant column in your data source, using the syntax ${}. For example, if you want a test step to retrieve age from a spreadsheet that has a column called “Age”, then you would write the parameter as ${Age}.

5. Upon running this manual test step, the parameter will be replaced by the actual value in the data source. [In the below example, the values 11, 12 are retrieved from the data source]