"Access denied: DOORS session is not authenticated" error when integrating Silk Central with DOORS


When integrating Silk Central with Telelogic DOORS you may get an error that states "Connection failed. See log file for details."

Upon opening the Frontendserver.log file you will also see entries like this:

I,OV,2013-03-12 06:58:56,TM,""http-hostname-19120""-exec-4196 (username),EditPluginRMConfigurationDialog.formSubmitTest: com.segue.tm.published.webservice.requirements.RMServiceException: COM error:
 80004005 Unspecified error : Access denied: DOORS session is not authenticated
C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational\DOORS\9.2\lib\dxl\testmanager\testLoginData.dxl was found.

The cause of this error is multiple "doors.exe" processes running on the Silk Central Frontend server. A doors.exe process is started when Silk Central tries to establish a connection to DOORS, if this fails the process is not killed. Therefore any subsequent attempts will also fail.

To resolve the issue kill all doors.exe processes that are running on the Silk Central Frontend server via the Task Manager and the connection should then be successful.

Note: the DOORS plugin has been updated to better handle the doors.exe process in Silk Central 12.1 and as such this issue will not occur from version 12.1 on.

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