Created On:  01 May 2012


After logging into SilkCentral Test Manager the following error message can appear:


After logging into SilkCentral Test Manager and seeing the error “You have no permission to view this unit with your currently assigned role(s)” it can appear that the user logging in doesn’t have the correct permissions needed. 

To ascertain that this is not the case, it is useful to check that the user has the relevant permissions assigned; this can be done by going to "Administration | User Settings | Roles section" in SilkCentral Test Manager.

If you have verified that the user has the required permission assigned then you should next verify if the user is "locked out"; this can be checked in one of two places:

1) In the database open the table "SCC_Users" then check if the values in the column "IsUserLocked" and "IsUserArchived" are ensure the values are zero.
2) In the SilkCentral Test Manager GUI,  navigate to "Administration | User Settings" and in the accounts tab select the user having the issue before ensuring that the “locked” checkbox is not ticked.

Incident #2569403