Created On:  18 January 2011


When creating a new Test Definition of type SilkTest Workbench you can give it a name.  In this example I have given the Test Definition the name "STW_Name_Test".

The next step is to select a SilkTest Workbench script from your selected source control, in this example I select the "Flex 3_2_Visual" script.

Note that when I now click Finish the Test Definition has been renamed from "STW_Name_Test" to "Flex 3_2_Visual" to match the name of the SilkTest Workbench script.

Note however that you can then click the Edit button to change the name, in this example I change the name to "Flex 3_2_Visual_edit".

Note that now the change to the name has been retained.


This behaviour is as-designed and this is to enable the ability to create multiple SilkTest Workbench Test Definitions at one time. For example if you create a new Test Definition, select SilkTest Workbench as the test type and click Next you are prompted to select the SilkTest Workbench script to be used. In the example below I use the Ctrl or Shift key to select mutliple SilkTest Workbench scripts.

Now when you click the Finish button you will see that 4 new Test Definitions get created with the matching names of the SilkTest Workbench scripts used to identify them.

Note that any duplicate Test Definitions will get suffixed by a number, in this example see the "WPF (1)" Test Definition.
Incident #2494604