Created On:  03-05-2010


When executing tests from SilkCentral Test Manager files that were added to the UNC path of the source control profile are been deleted. For example look at the following scenario

1. In my UNC path I have the following files.

2. If we execute the test, SilkCentral Test manager will successfully copy the files from the UNC path to the working folder and execute the test.

3. Now we add a new file to the folder in our UNC path (not at the top-level but within a folder) like below and execute the SilkCentral Test Manager test again.


4. Note that after the execution has taken place the file we added to the folder has been deleted.


This issue is caused by a defect in the product and is resolved in the SilkCentral Test Manager 2010 release. As a workaround for previous versions un-checking the option to “Clear working folder before a test is executed” in the test container settings will resolve the issue.


The functionality for clearing the working folder only works for the first level of the UNC path, in the second level the source and destination directories are reversed, so the file is deleted from the UNC server.

Incident #002438755