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.ltz script question

I am migrating a company from one BMC platform to another to run the scripts. The customer has a project and the project has multiple monitors. However, each monitor has a ltz file and all monitors use the same ltz file name.

I don't know, but need to determine, is if the ltz files are

1. Actually unique and run for a specific monitor or

2. If there is actually one ltz file and it is used for all monitors

Their documentation does not make this clear and the person who wrote the scripts is no longer around. What is the best way to make this determination?

Many thanks

  • Suggested Answer

    Hi Peter,

    The ltz file is the exported Silk Performer project which can contain multiple scripts and each script can be used as a monitor.

    Therefore an ltz file can be used for multiple monitors, but not all monitors are necessarily using the same ltz file.