UserA use ALM to run UFT remotly, but UFT is runned under UserB desktop remotely - how to fix it?

UserA and password has been configured in UFT RDP.

  1. I UserA runs the UFT from ALM remotely, the UFT automated testing is successful on the server if others does not logon the server. So, Either nobody logon the server or only me (UserA) logon the server, the UFT test is always successful running from ALM remotely
  1. UserB logon the same server and turn Enable Remote Desktop Connection FALSE, Delete the Username and Password for RDP Connect on the runtime engine.  I UserA run the UFT from ALM remotely again, the UFT  runs under UserB's desktop and UserB can see the testing;
  2. I UserA logon the server and keep the RDP visible, then I run UFT from ALM remotely, the UFT still runs under UserB’s desktop;

 I quite believe the UFT should run under my account UserA, no matter whether the other one logon the server or not. The UFT behavior is quite strange. Have you met such issue before? thx