Idea ID: 2773718

Recommendation to incorporate Key TSD Metrics into Influx/Grafana

Status: New Idea

Hello Team,

I was interacting with support team for the incident reference to Incident #3223579,  and the incident is about incorporating the following key performance response time into Grafana dashboard which are as follows,

  • Percentile Response time into Dashboard.
  • Maximum & Minimum Response time metrics.
  • Realtime Silk performer Metrics monitoring in Grafana Dashbaord Via influx DB.

As part of CI/CD implementation, I have integrated Silk Performer with Jenkins and due to above features missing in Silk Performer TSD Metrics, we are not able to use CI/CD Pipeline effectively. Hence submitting this recommendation to incorporate the above features into silk Performer to make it as more effective to current industry standards.

Kindly let me know for any further details.