Using BrowserMouseMove to handle expanding menus


The following menu is only expanded when the user hovers over the top item with the mouse.  

Due to the nature of the recorder this event is not captured and on TryScript the event to expand the menu never takes place and the item within the menu is inaccessible.  This results in a BrowserEngine 29: UI element not found error.

The solution to this problem is the same in all recent versions of Silk Performer but the method to implement the solution differs from Silk Performer 10.0 onwards.  Silk Performer 10 has been used to create both of these videos but the first video uses the manual process required for verisons 9.5 and below and the second video shows the new troubleshooting feature.

Silk Performer 9.5 and below

Silk Performer 10.0 and above


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