Why might it appear like the Timeout parameter in my MediaStreamUrl() function is not functioning as expected?


If it seems that the timeout parameter is not being taken into account, and streaming appears to be continuous rather than stopping at the specified timeout, the most likely cause for this is that the stream from the site never gets past the ???buffering??? stage at the time of replay / testing. The timeout in the MediaStreamUrl function does not take buffering into account, and only starts timing when the streaming begins. Therefore, if the stream cannot get past ???buffering???, then the timeout will never be able to come into effect.


You can verify that this is the case by accessing the link in your browser, outside SilkPerformer. Here you will be able to see that your stream is not going past the ???buffering??? stage.


In this case, you should check you have the correct link, which directs you to a streaming media file, and you will be able to see the streaming file time out after the specified time period.


Full details on MediaStreamUrl(), and all other available Media Streaming functions, can be found in the SilkPerformer Help file.

For detailed information on using the Timeout parameter in the SilkPerformer streaming media functions please read the following resolution: How can I prematurely stop the streaming of data after a specific time and still generate the streaming results?

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