Support Tip: Record ODBC Query Tool Traffic with Silk Performer


You can record ODBC traffic in Silk Performer.

First create a new project, making sure the project type is database > ODBC.

Before recording, you will have to add an ODBC Query tool profile to Silk Performer applications. Go to  SETTING | SYSTEM | RECORDER | ADD then add your tool with the below details:

  • Application program name: ODBC
  • Application path: browse to its file location
  • Make sure program arguments is blank
  • Application type: Custom Application
  • tick the ODBC checkbox
  • Click OK

Now you can record your script, make sure the application profile is set to ODBC before you begin.

From here all actions carried out on your database should be recorded. (This can be checked by looking at the functions count on the recorder, It should be increasing).

Make sure to close the application before you stop the recording. Once saved your script will appear in Silk Performer


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