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Pause PowerShell Script until Silk Test installation is complete

Our powershell script installs Silk Test 21.0 in silent mode using a properties file. I want the powershell script to wait for the installation to complete. To achieve so I am using Start-Process cmdlt, command is:

Start-Process -Wait -FilePath "C:\temp\silktest\silktest-210-64bit.exe" -ArgumentList "-i", "silent", "-f", "C:\temp\silktest\"

If I use this command, the problem is that the process never ends. It keeps on waiting even though silk test has installed.

Is there any better way to make the powershell script wait for the installation to complete and then execute further commands? I want to avoid using "sleep" command in script.

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    Has the silktest-210-64bit.exe completed and terminated?

    If so, I can only assume that there is dependent process started (likely the Information Service) that is preventing the command from returning. If you stop the Silk Test Information Service does the Start-Process command then return?


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    Have you tried check process loop to check for silktest-210-64bit.exe.  Simple run a Loop and check if the application is still running, when the process is finished you can exit the loop.