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Silk Test Workbench Application Configuration

Note this example: C:\Javelin_Installs\JavelinMainline*\Programs\UI.exe

The asterisk represents the current version to be tested.

We currently use a script with a (Process.Start) setup to customize the start path by passing in the current version during the Start.

In this scenario, we can't use "Execute Base State"

If we could inject the version# during Start and have #sctm_version be injected automatically in Silk Central it would solve this.

OK to contact me for details.

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    It is not possible to use dynamic information in the Application Configuration defined in the Properties panel if you Workbench .Net Script.

    You could simply disable the "Execute Base State" step and script a BaseState with the dynamic information. For example:

            Dim version As String = Agent.SystemFunctions.GetEnvironmentVariable("#sctm_version")
            Dim autPath As String = "C:\Javelin_Installs\JavelinMainline" & version & "\Programs\UI.exe"
            Dim appState As New BaseState(autPath, "/Window[@caption='My App']")