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IFrame not found

So in this case there is <IFrame> (IFrame B) inside the <IFrame> (IFrame A), and there are two conditions in this IFrame B

1. It takes a long tine to detect objects inside the IFrameB

2. After the Silk Test click the object and supposedly back to IFrameA, it got the error IFrameA is not found

So, my questions are

1. Could we do something to detect the content of IFrameB faster?

2. In condition 2, could we do something for the Silk Test to detect IFrame A?

  • Hi 

    It seems that this error is a synchronization issue or SIlk Test is waiting for the object to appear so it hangs due to a no response.

    Answering both of your questions, please review this following link with the documentation:

    To adapt your tests to the specific behavior of your AUT, you can change the values of the following synchronization timeouts:

    Synchronization timeout (OPT_SYNC_TIMEOUT)
    The maximum time in milliseconds that Silk Test Workbench waits for the AUT to become ready during playback. The default value is 300000 milliseconds.
    Object resolve timeout (OBJ_WAIT_RESOLVE_OBJDEF)
    The maximum time in milliseconds that the Find method searches for an object. The default value is 5000 milliseconds.

    Please keep in mind that this documentation is based on Workbench, if you are using any other client please feel free to reach out for this. 


    Natalia Mena

    Natalia Mena

    ADM LoadRunner Support

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