Idea ID: 2692360

SilkTest Workbench: Enhance Export functionality

Status: New Idea

The Workbench Help documentation states the following in regard to exporting Visual Tests and .Net Scripts:

"Check the 'Export assets associated with Visual tests and .NET Scripts' check box to export every associated asset (including object maps) from the Common project and any other project(s) you specify."

However when this option is enabled the xml file contains all Object Maps from all projects, including those not associated with the exported tests. Support have confirmed that this is currently the expected behavior; but we would like to see this improved so that only those Maps required to run a test are included in the export.

This will simplify the process of transferring tests and their assets between different users and databases; without the need to manage and remove unneeded and duplicate object maps after the import.

We can workaround the problem at present; but it would be nice if the export behavior matched what is indicated in the documentation.


  • As a remote worker, it is important to have a workflow process where all Silk Test Workbench work done away from Silk Central connected database can be ported back efficiently. I would like to see an efficient software solution that allows for smart export and import where the system gives the option to export only what assets were changed since the last export with ability to reset and export entire project up to all projects and assets in the current database. Include a HOT folder drop capability where once a project zip is ready from a remote creator or editor that it could be dropped into a shared OneDrive or DropBox that would auto import.